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Artists Classes

Often referred to as 'Advanced Class' or 'Masterclass', however the industry continuously promotes a 1 day class as the standard education all Artists need. I do NOT believe in that. 


Education should be tailored to individual needs, an experience moulded to the different stages of an Artist’s creative journey. I go beyond the ‘HOW’ that most classes teach, my true passion is explaining and teaching the ‘WHY’ that everyone needs. 


In fact, a 1 day class should be for the truly experienced Artist. I have met countless Artists that still struggled with their fundamental knowledge, for whom a 1 day class was not enough. I am often asked by Artists which class I believe would be for them. I’ll be here to support you in your choice, but it is YOU that needs to be true to yourself and assess you’re confidence level when choosing the right type of class.


ALL my classes include: 

*SUPPORT after the class for 3 months

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