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How long does PMU/Microblading last?

For some it will last longer than others. Permanent Makeup is not supposed to last forever but the colour can be refreshed every year or as often as you will need it. The average lifespan is between 10-18 months, when the colour starts loosing intensity. Any skin treatments and products that lead to skin exfoliation will shorten its lifespan.

External factors: Sun exposure without SPF lotion, constant rubbing of the area, microdermoabrasion, chemical peels, Light therapy are a few of the factors that lead to faster pigment fading.

Medical factors: Hormonal imbalance caused by endocrine conditions and hormonal therapy, extended antibiotic treatments, scarred tissue, skin problems/conditions (e.g. acne, eczema/dermatitis), constant sweating (Menopause), other long term medication with skin side-effects.


- skin type: oily/combination skin needs a colour boost much sooner than others (every 6-8 months),

- age group: the more mature the skin the longer it can last due to a much slower skin regeneration process,

- Aftercare following the procedure has a significant importance in the duration of the healed result,

- lifestyle: intense sweating (fitness trainers),  sun beds, working in steamy environments.


Is bespoke to your bone structure and following precise measurements to achieve symmetry. Your face shape and tones will be analysed and shape drawn using cosmetic makeup pencils. Of course I can recommend but cannot enforce and do not go ahead without your blessing. It is important to see what you like though your eyebrows should be yours and not identical to various celebrities brows, especially if it means sacrificing a lot of natural hair. And do not worry if you have a very asymmetrical facial expression, we can balance that with a bespoke shape.  

Does it hurt?

Most clients say it's irritating, a slight discomfort but not painful. It's similar to threading or eyebrows plucking, but the use of topical anaesthetic helps ease off the discomfort. Every person and pain threshold are different but at no point during the procedure will it feel unbearable. Minimum discomfort for maximum results!

Does Permanent Makeup or Microblading scar? 

IF done correctly it does NOT scar. Irrespective of the method you choose or the area you have it done, an experienced artist feels the resistance of  each different skin type and applies the right pressure to work. There's a very fine line between permanent (deep) and permanent (correct depth). Over the years not just fashion but also our facial expression changes when you will be grateful your cosmetic tattoo is not permanent. 

Very important! Choose wisely, do not rush into the decision of having PMU done based on factors like 'I need it done next week' or 'I found a voucher online'. Please invest time in your research and do not settle for less than right. See more than one PMU technician and find the one for you, ask questions and test their knowledge before it'll be too late. What does scarred tissue mean? If you are unlucky to fall into the wrong hands, micro-scarred tissue will build up, skin becomes thicker over time until a point when it will not hold any more pigment and your yearly colour boost starts fading very quickly after having it done.  

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