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Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows Microblading

Example of HEALED results: correctly done Microblading,  poorly done Microblading and 'hair stroke' done with digital machine

Today we are being told that "Less means More" and "Every Minute makes a Difference". There is no other permanent makeup technique that looks more NATURAL.  

While people have been using permanent cosmetic tattooing to enhance their facial features for decades, there are still many questions about what it is and the difference between techniques. You will see and hear many terms like 'feathered brows', 'micropigmentation', 'digital blading', 'pmu or permanent makeup', 'nano brows' or 'microblading'. In this section I'll try to shed some light about the latter.

Microblading is very popular and trendy technique done exclusively on the Eyebrows area. The tool used is 100% manual, there are no digital or other type of machines involved. What makes it unique is the needles formation at the tip of the hand-held tool which resemble a blade (photo - HEALED results of different techniques). Only with microblading we can draw ultra fine strokes mimicking hairs that blend in with your natural eyebrow hair line. It can fill in the gaps  and even fully restore missing brows.


Why it's one of the trendiest techniques at the moment? Because after they heal, people cannot say you've had your eyebrows done! If the technique is done correctly, they heal supernatural. They will look like yours or very close to.

The strokes should always be drawn in the direction of natural brow hairs to achieve a hyper-realistic effect. Pigment colour is chosen based on your natural eyebrow hair colour and mindful that the healed result will be a few tones lighter than immediately after procedure.   


The beauty of Microblading is in the HEALED results. Compared to 'Hair Stroke' technique done with machine, the strokes do not blur nor heal fuzzy,  which is called the 'blow-out' effect when done with machine.  Of course, in the wrong hands Microblading can also heal blocky, as the photo exemplifies.

Before deciding to have PMU done ask the technician for healed results.  Because HEALED results don't lie!

How long does Microblading last?

It really depends on the client's lifestyle and health of their skin, but microblading procedures should last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. In exceptional cases it will last less than 12 months (see below). Microblading is not supposed to last forever and will require touch-ups when the pigment begins to fade. 

Microblading is a permanent makeup method and will fade over time due to age group, skin exfoliation, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, and skincare products that may increase exfoliation of the skin and shorten its lifespan. 

Does it hurt?

I get this question every day. It feels like threading, or cat scratches, or like someone keeps plucking your eyebrows. It's irritating but not painful.

The skin is thicker in the front of your brows and becomes much thinner towards the tail. I adjust my pressure as I work to implant the pigment at the correct depth, but everyone's skin and pain threshold are different. Let's say during the procedure there shouldn't be a point where it becomes unbearable.

Why Touch-up?

It is permanent because it is implanted superficially, in those skin layers we normally regenerate over the course of 10-12 months, some faster/slower than others. That makes the procedure responsive to many factors, both internal and external. Excessive bleeding, hormonal imbalance (endocrine conditions), skin thickness, sun exposure and others means they can heal slightly faded and patchy after one treatment. Hence we do a follow-up session minimum 5-8 weeks later, to correct and fill in the gaps. 

In some cases a third minor touch-up may be required, especially with problematic or sensitive skin.     

Is Microblading suitable for you? Read here.

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