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Our courses are inspired by our learners. The curriculum, the methodology, the design and style of teaching have all been thoughtfully created for YOU. Very few of today's Permanent Makeup Artists can wholeheartedly say they had the right education when they first started, and I too am one of those Artists. Because was once a student myself, I know that a course should deliver knowledge fundamentals, tips & tricks, practical exercise and most importantly CONFIDENCE. 


Why confidence? Permanent Makeup is a big responsibility as it can have a major impact on someone's life. Our faces express emotion, they are what we first notice in other people and a physical attribute that will directly affect our confidence levels. Which is why being a Permanent Makeup Artist is directly connected to accountability and confidence in your skills to deliver what the client wants and needs. And so so many courses in the market do not deliver the confidence you need, which can only come from hands-on experience, practical skills that you'd develop by following a structured Practise Homeschooling Study like ours. 


We offer various courses for different needs. What do I start with? Which method is most popular? Which is easiest to learn? Do I have to learn all three areas of the face, brows, lips and eyes? It can be daunting and overwhelming to understand all the information on the market, so let's start with the basics.


Have you thought of your potential clientele

Your immediate clients  could be your network of friends and their family, but your long term clientele will be statistically from a similar age group. It's true, this is how things work in the line of Beauty, the younger you are the more young clients you'll attract because people feel more comfortable with other people of similar age. Therefore, if you think your clientele will be younger, they like their Permanent Makeup to stand out and make a statementOmbre Brows is more suitable for them and Hair Strokes are most requested by those wanting very natural and subtle results.  

read more about Ombre Brows course here and more information on our Hair Strokes course here.   

What attracts you more to do, Brows or do you generally like all makeup? 

Some prefer starting with Brows and learning lips and eyes later. That's actually a good decision 

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