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'I Love Ink' Collection by Tina Davies x PERMABLEND


This Shading Solution is an optional diluent for manual shading or machine shading only.

DO NOT use this solution for microblading!

 If you are looking to create a soft wash of color behind microbladed hair strokes, combo, or powder brows mix the Shading Solution with your target pigment color.


This shading solution will also ensure that your pigment mixture stays suspended while preventing the pigment from separating while you work. You can use this solution with other pigment lines, but it is recommended to be used with The Tina Davies X Permablend I Love Ink Collection.


Manual Shading: dilute the pigment 50%-80%.
Machine Shading: shading solution is optional.


All solutions are gamma ray sterilized, vegan and also cruelty-free. 

All ingredients can be found in solution's MSDS


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